Honoring Alan Turing

NY Times – article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/obituaries/alan-turing-overlooked.html

The New York Times recently published a first time obituary on Alan Turing, the revolutionary computer scientist, and mathematician that our company, Alan AI is named after. Celebrating Turing’s genius and accomplishments in Computer Science, the article also credits Turing as an important LGBTQ figure. Alan Turing’s contributions to computer science helped the Allies achieve victory in World War II with the Enigma Machine, but he also contributed by asking fundamental questions about how computers could interact in our world.

Asking, “Can Machines Think?”, Turing prompted a series of debates and computer science research, along with his famous Turing Test, which seeks to determine if an entity being asked a given set of questions is either a human or a machine. Turing’s work proved that computers could have an immense impact and created what became known as the universal Turing machine, based on the idea that one machine can complete all possible tasks. Turing’s inventions and ideas are driving much of today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape, with companies seeking to finally answer his questions and provide ways for greater human and computer interaction with Voice and Machine Learning.

Turing continues to be honored with the prestigious annual Turing Award as well as a continuous celebration of his triumphs. June 7th, 2019 marks the 65th anniversary of Turing’s death in Manchester, England. We are excited to bring our innovations in AI and Voice to transform the Enterprise world where 90% of workers are on the go.

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